Park Activities


  • Some activites are included with the Standard Tour.
  • Other activities require an additional fee to purchase the rocks/gems that you keep.
  • All the mining activities are simulated, not actual functioning mines
    • Bouldering Climbing Walls, Disc Golf, Dino Dig, Museum, PBS Video, Gemstone Mining, and Playground are available during all the park open hours.
    • Gold Rush/Crystal Quest Mines are open 11-4pm during July-Aug and by request during early/late season 11-4pm.
    • Gold Rush/Crystal Quest are closed during very hot days or severe weather, such as heavy rain or thunderstorms.

Gemstone Mining

Gemstone Mining Fun

  • Find actual gemstones by placing dirt from the special bag in a screen tray and moving it back and forth in the water trough, the gemstones are revealed.
  • Other bags available include fossils and arrowheads.
  • Prices range depending upon type and size ($10-20).

Crystal Quest Mine

  • Explore Crystal Quest Mine to find actual crystals buried in the sand.
  • Includes a small geode, that is “popped” to reveal the crystals inside.
  • Keep 8 rocks, fee is $10.00 including tax.

Gold Rush Mine

Gold Rush Gemstone Mining

  • Explore Gold Rush Mine to find treasures including iron pyrite, polished gems with new “veins” of rock found daily.
  • Keep 9 rocks, the fee is $10.00 with tax included.

Stone Bridge Intro to Disc Golf

  • What is Disc Golf ? It is a fun way to combine the sport of throwing a disc with the concept of golf. 
  • Check out courses in the Adirondacks .
  • Throw your disc from a tee box and get it close to the target. Trow your disc to hit the chains of the target and drop into the basket to sink your putt.
  • The Stone Bridge Disc Challenge is an 18 hole course with the first 9 holes as an Introduction to Disc Golf 9 hole, par 3 course followed by longer holes for the last 9. 
  • The course is part of the Stone Bridge Park and only available to visitors who have paid park admission fees with no additional fee.
  • It is not available on it's own. 
  • Rental Innova Discs are available for $3.00
  • Plan on 20-30 min for this activity.

PBS Video

  • Watch “Under the Adirondacks",  plays every 30 min and learn more about the history and background of the caves.
  • This activity is FREE


Adirondack Memories Museum

  • Included with the park admission, learn more about the Pottersville area and the caves in years past through pictures and videos.
  • Cave surveys
  • The caves in winter
  • Flood stage waters
  • Educational Rock Crystals and Petrified Wood Displays, including one ton specimens that will amaze you.

Dino Dig

  • Uncover buried Dinosaurs bone casts that were made from actual dig sites.  Find the whole Duckbill or Albertosarus jaw.
  • Actual bones and teeth for sale in the ROCK SHOP.

Caveman Challenge Bouldering Wall

Activities 11.jpg

  • Test climbing skills on 24' bouldering wall.
  • Make it from one end to the other without falling off onto the thick 8" padded mat.
  • No ropes needed!
  • Beginers can use all the color holds while the experts can try their skills on the red, green, gray or blue climbing routes.
  • Real purists can see if they can hold on only using the simulated rock surface and cracks.
  • Unlimited climbing with a tour admission (also includes the CaveKid Wall, see below).
  • Watch YouTube Video .

CaveKid Challenge Bouldering Wall

Tyler on Rock Wall2 web.jpg

  • This challenge course includes touching all the ABC hand and foot holds, passing a tennis ball from one end to the other and making it through all 3 hula hopps without knocking them off.
  • Unlimited climbing with a tour admission (also includes the Caveman Wall, see above).

Playground, Picnic Areas & Snack Bar

  • Included with your admission to the park.
  • Three lighted pavilions with electrical outlets for shelter from the rain or sun. Each can hold over 20-30 people.
  • Two outdoor grills and a large fire-pit are located in the lower parking lot playground area.
  • Many picnic tables, some with umbrellas are located throughout the park.
  • Basic lunch food is available right at the caves, including sandwiches, hot dogs, hamburgers, nachos and other snack type food.

Stone Bridge Ice Cream

  • Located 2.5 miles from the Caves on the corner of Stone Bridge Rd and Rt 9 (right off I-87 Exit 26).
  • Among the locals, the soft ice cream is legendary, so come early & enjoy over 46 flavors or perhaps a caveman sundae.
  • Opens for the season on April 28th 2017.