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Amanda Tolve 8/23/2010
I went on the adventure tour yesterday afternoon with my boyfriend and it was the most amazing experience! Everyone should try it at least once. Exploring the caves was beauitful and different. Such a thrill! A special thanks to our tour guides.

Laural and Russ Colbert 9/12/2009
The Adventure Tour was FANTASTIC!! We had the best time- It was the most fun we have had on a vacation EVER!!
The staff was wonderful and we will definately be back!

Alan K 8/21/2009
I was there with my family on Tuesday August 18. We had a fantastic time.

Nathan Olson 9/9/2007
We came up for Gavin's birthday. The boys loved exploring the park, the Dino Dig, the Gem Stone Mining and the Crystal Quest. You definitely have a lot of great things for kids to do.
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