Natural Stone Bridge & Caves: Selective History

Not many people can say they grew up at a tourist attraction. My Dad, David Heldt did. That’s what happens when you have a geologic wonder in your back yard. The site of what appears to be the largest natural marble cave entrance in the eastern United States has been a family business for more than five decades. It is located by the small town of Pottersville in New York’s Adirondacks. A self-guided trail winds around waterfalls, potholes and deep pools. Trout Brook emerges into a gorge through several caves, some accessible on foot, others only with spelunking (cave exploring) gear. The history of Natural Stone Bridge and Caves goes back to the late 1700’s and a land grant for fighting in the Revolutionary war. Today, it is run by my cousin Greg Beckler along with his wife Dee and children Jesika, Jennifer and Bryan.

This website includes some highlights of the geology and history of what our family fondly refers to as “the caves”. The site includes historical photographs and links to oral history sound bites. Welcome to Natural Stone Bridge and Caves: A Selective History. Please click on a link to get started.
--Katie (Heldt) Bausler (left) with father David Heldt by the old homestead

Greg Beckler, under the Stone Bridge, 2004

Stone Bridge Visitors 1924

Deck Overlooking Trout Brook