Amethyst cathedrals, Mexican Geodes, Large Quartz Crystals, and hundreds of other rock and mineral specimens are available to view or to purchase. For over 40 years we have been building up this rock collection to offer something for everyone, from 10¢ to $10,000.00.

Geode Cutting

Several types of Geodes and Thundereggs can be cut open using diamond saws to reveal the beautiful patterns and crystals of these amazing rocks  – and you get to keep both halves!

Geode Popping

A more natural look, choose to have your geode “popped”. Many time crystals that would have been cut using the rock saw are preserved.

Fluorescent Rock Display

Kids love this display of colorful rocks that come alive under ultraviolet light.

Extensive Rock and Crystal Collection

A rockhound paradise! From amber to topaz, hundreds of different natural and polished minerals and crystals from all over the world are available.

Large Quartz and Amethyst Specimens

We offer one the most extensive inventories in the Northeast. That’s because although we travel all over searching for rocks and are a stopping point for many rock dealers, we also buy direct from mines.

Rock ShopHealing Rocks

Scientist have known for many years that crystals such as quartz and tourmaline have electrical and other properties that make them useful for items such as watches and transistors, but more recently others have discovered that each crystal may have effects on our physiology and health. Lots of fascinating crystals are awaiting discovery, so come on and explore.

Quartz crystal


New fossils continue to be discovered almost daily and are constantly changing our knowledge of the past. Today scientists think that some dinosaurs were probably warm blooded, had feathers and their descendents are flying around us everyday as birds. We have all grades of fossils from a real Cave Bear Skull, Dinosaur bones and eggs, large Trilobites, Ammonites and Crinoids to small ferns and fish.

fossils for sale web.jpg

Meteorites, tektites and moldavite

If you like the extraterrestrial, a large meteor from Nambia is on display (not for sale) along with many smaller ones you can purchase. Or perhaps you would like a bit of a pretty green moldavite tektite from the Czech Republic?

Rock Shop Gallery

Adventurer Reviews

Great Natural Outdoor Fun!
There are amazing rock formations all along the trail with an underground river. Mother Nature did some her Best work here.The Gem-Geode Shop is One-of-A-Kind. Huge Cathedral geodes, crack or saw your own geodes too. Great Gift Shop. It's worth exploring just a few minutes outside Lage George!

- Jame B

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