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2019 Halloween 100 Year Flood Trail Damage Report


On Halloween night and through November 1st, a local rain cell produced the largest recorded flood of Natural Stone Bridge and Caves.  Sections of the tour were destroyed in the flood (no flood insurance).  Eight concrete stone stairways, 3 wooden bridges/stairs and countless railings were either destroyed or washed away.

Then cam...

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5 Min "Super" Flood today, Jan 26, 2010 at the caves


At 7:45am we had just said goodby to our son (off to school) when we heard this low rumbling noise that got louder and louder.  It sounded like 20 plow trucks coming right into our house.  Realizing it was the frozen over Trout Brook releasing in a large flood after the 1 1/2 days of rain, we raced out of the house and onto our tour to ca...

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