Exclusive Cave Exploration 

Stone Bridge Adventure Tours 

Our one-of-a-kind guided Adventure Tour brings hardy individuals on a 3-4 hour long cave crawl through rock, sand, mud and water.  Unlike other attraction's there-and-back cave crawls, ours brings explorers into four different caves, each with a different environment and caving technique. Army crawl through sandy passageways and climb up, over and through an underground waterfall! The benefit to this isn't only that more diversity is more fun, but it also allows beginners to "choose their own challenge" and the flexibility to opt out of an uncomfortable cave without forfeiting their entire tour.  The grand finale is floating through Garnet Cave, where local “mermaids” used to swim and give talks to tourists.   Click the video below to see for yourself!

Adventure Tour Essential Information


Unfortunately besides past Covid restrictions, with current weather patterns over the past few years the water has always been too high to offer.

A Day Pass is included with your Adventure Tour admission, arrive early to walk the trail and have lunch before start time at 12:30pm
Groups are led by trained guides and participants must be prepared for a rigorous 3-4 hours of walking, kneeling, crawling, and hoisting
Group size is limited to 4-10 participants, aged 13+ and physically capable

With advance notice we can accommodate groups up to 20, dividing into 2 groups of 10
Adventure Tours are available ONLY in July & August, 4x per week (Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun)
The full price of $125 per person is required upon registration
*Optional Photos* Two guides bring strapped waterproof cameras and document the entire tour.  All media is loaded onto a flashlight flash drive available for $20.

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      This is a Rigorous and Strenuous Activity, It is Not for Everyone.     

Adventure Tour Fun

Preparing for Your Stone Bridge Adventure Tour

Complete Registration – Fulfill Payment – Sign Waiver – Pack Your Bags!

We provide you with a complete caving suit, helmet, headlamp, elbow and knee pads, gloves, and flotation vest. 

Our guides are also your photographers.  Flashdrives of the whole tour are available for purchase.

What to Wear:

Synthetic active wear is best under your caving suit. Quick-dry materials such as nylon or polyester will not pull heat away from your body the way cotton does.  We do get completely wet by the end of the tour.

Socks and old sneakers are the most comfortable and safe (they will get completely wet, we usually have some extra shoes to borrow if needed).

Above 75°F: Gym shorts/bathing suit and synthetic or cotton T-shirt is fine in hot weather.

Below 75°F: Consider synthetic leggings and long-sleeve top if you get cold easily, but do not wear clothing that restricts movement.  Definitely avoid cotton.   

If you wear glasses, a Chums strap is the best way to keep them on your face and out of the river.  Consider wearing an older, already scratched pair.


What to Bring:

Please print, study, sign and bring the Adventure Tour Liability Waiver and Release Form

A towel, a dry change of clothes for after the tour, including dry shoes or sandals

Leave in the Car: Wallet, watch, jewelry, phone and camera- even waterproof ones.  Car keys are locked in the office during the tour.


The Fine Print


Participant Safety


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      This is a Rigorous and Strenuous Activity, It is Not for Everyone.      

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